It is project to upscale and accelerate the development and diffusion of potential grassroots innovation in Malaysia via collaboration with various parties from government, industry, grassroots community and youth including providing appropriate capacity building opportunities to stakeholders.

MaGRIs conducted competition to find a select grassroots, the chosen grassroots will undergo journey to create New Economy by receiving. Product Development, Business Support and Capacity Building assistance.

Congratulations to the 6 winners of Yayasan Inovasi Malaysia's (YIM) Mainstreaming Grassroots Innovations (MaGRIs) 2017 Innovation Development Grant. Each team will receive RM30,000 in the form of capacity building to improve their innovations as well as personal coaching and other professional innovation development support. We wish them all the best in their journey and look forward to seeing the improved prototypes soon!

The winners are Mohd Feroz Bin Zainal from Selangor with Battery Pack C1, Norshafiza Binti Zakaria (Team-based) from Sarawak with Serunding Lumek Salai, Sariyaman binti Sabur from Sabah with Naget Ubi Kayu Bilis Sejuk Beku, Azhar Bin Ismail from Perlis with Galah Tuis, Selvestone Junit from Sabah with Vesto Eco Genset and Jirum Manjat from Sabah with Toolkit Seni Kraf Ukiran Kayu.


Details of the winners

Mohd Feroz Bin Zainal from Selangor, the innovator of Battery Pack C13.

Battery Pack C13 encapsulates a rechargeable battery pack which is a low-voltage, environment-friendly innovation that replaces conventional electrical generators. It is targeted to help mobile entrepreneurs save on their power generation costs with the benefits of affordability, portability and low maintenance costs.

Norshafiza Binti Zakaria and team members; Nurul Dafiqah Binti Kamarulzaman, Shafrine Binti Mohamad Morshidi and Didi Iswandi Bin Abdol Kasit from Sarawak, the innovators of Serunding Lumek Salai.

Serunding Lumek Salai is a two-pronged initiative that combines food technology innovation and social innovation. It is based on smoked "lumek" fish, predominantly found in the waters surrounding Bruit Island in Sarawak. The project provides the community of Bruit Island economic and social benefits while the innovators have also introduced a healthy, delicious and calcium-rich delicacy that is produced through innovative processing techniques, healthy cooking and modern packaging to preserve its freshness.

Puan Sariyaman binti Sabur from Sabah, the innovator of Naget Ubi Kayu Sejuk Beku.

Naget Ubi Kayu Sejuk Beku is a nutritious, multi-flavoured cassava nugget preparation. The innovation successfully combines the study of food chemistry and modern food processing techniques to create a healthy and conveniently-prepared dish or meal accompaniment that is loved across all generations.

Azhar bin Ismail and team members, Asri bin Ab Rahim, Rosnizam bin Mansor, Hamidan bin Ibrahim and Mazura binti Mohd Mohayudin from Perlis, the innovators of Galah Tuis.

This handy tool enables fruits to be swiftly and easily wrapped directly on tree branches without the need to climb up trees. The innovation protects damage to ripening fruits caused by birds, insects and tree-climbing animals such as squirrels while also reducing the risk of accidents from falling off trees. It is easy to use with minimal maintenance costs.

Jirum Manjat and Rexella Mahir from Sabah, the innovators of Toolkit Seni Cungkilan Kayu.

The toolkit is a boost for local artist-preneurs. It encompasses a modular technical training system that incorporates wood-carving equipment with video training and woodcraft manual. It hones professional wood-carving skills in schools and other grassroots communities, while promoting an interest in traditional woodcraft as a creative and sustainable business model.