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  About Grassroot Innovation Walk
Scouting for Grassroot Innovations

Jejak Inovasi (Innovation Walk) is an initiative by Yayasan Inovasi Malaysia (YIM) and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI).

The first Jejak Inovasi took place in the state of Melaka (15-17 July 2011). During the three days “walk”, a group of Innovation Scouts consisting of researches, scientists, patent experts, MOSTI officials and YIM visited some grassroot communities, providing consultations on the objectives, approach and explained the desired end-results of innovations.

The “Innovation Scouts” consisted of volunteers who are passionate about discouvering and assisting these grassroot innovators to move up the economic value chain.

Innovations with potential will be further developed via numerous platforms provided by both private and public institutions such as MOSTI’s Innospace Centers located in various parts of the country.

Other activities held in conjunction with Jejak Inovasi included a “Night of Musical Creativity”, Grassroot Innovation Product Demonstration and Exhibition, Grassroot Innovation IP (Intelectual Property) Registration and various innovation talks and workshops.

To be a part of Jejak Inovasi (Innovation Walk), please contact YIM. We welcome your participation on this exciting and rewarding journey!

Objectives of the Grassroot Innovation Walk are:

  • to scout for innovations produced by individuals in rural areas 
  • to promote community participation in scouting for local innovations 
  • to accumulate information about local innovative products for documentation purposes 
  • to provide consultation services and technical support to the grassroot community in value-adding and improving their innovations 
  • to identify and recognize high potential innovations at the community level